Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions, in conjunction with the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Cancellation and Refund Policy are an integral part of the relationship between the user and Career Topper Online Education Pvt. Ltd. (“Career Topper”)

Copyright and Use of Course Content:

The entire content of the website, including online study resources for all courses, is protected by copyright law. Career Topper has the right, title and interest in and to the content of all the pages of www.careertopper.com.

The Study material is meant only for the personal use of the purchaser. Unauthorised resale, use, photocopy, reproduction, publication, re-transmission or redistribution of the material, whether through online or offline means, and whether completely or in part thereof, is strictly forbidden by law. Unauthorised photocopy and sale of study materials also violates the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, as set forth by various accrediting agencies. Sharing of username and password of the account maintained on the website with any person, entity, website or social media is strictly illegal.

Our support and compliance team monitors other third party websites and physical stores for unauthorised sale of study material. Strict action shall be taken against any person found violating such copyright, including suspension of account on our website.

Shared Use of Online Study Material, Virtual Classroom Sessions and Crash Courses, such as recorded videos, personalised calendar, practice test, mock test, crash course, personalised notes database, formula database, summary books, is strictly forbidden. Any purchase of the online resources is non-transferable.

The right to use the products and services on the website is valid from the time the payment is made till date of the relevant examination.

Career Topper website contains links to other websites, which are put for the benefit of the user. We also acknowledge the Trademarks or Copyrights which are owned by such websites. Career Topper is not related to such websites and they are not our group companies. We encourage users to review the Terms and Conditions of these websites, in conjunction with this policy. Career Topper will not be liable for any information or content provided by these websites.

Course Repetition Policy:

Career Topper realises the value of time, effort and money put in by the user for every exam. If a user has not cleared an exam in one attempt, the user can use the paid study resources for one single time again, only for the next, immediate, attempt for free. To claim the resources, following points are to be noted:

  • Users taking the re-attempt using same study package should write, with proof, to support@careertopper.com.
  • Upon confirmation, the account will be activated again. The user will be able to access the same study package, paid for initially, for the first attempt. Any additional material or package will have to be purchased at the retail price.
  • This policy is only for pre-recorded, Online Study Material. In case of virtual classroom sessions and crash course sessions, recordings of the same will be accessible. Access to more virtual classroom sessions and/or crash course sessions will not be permitted.
  • The account will be active till the day of the re-attempt exam.

Online Access:

Users must not disclose their Username and Password of their account on our website to any other person or second user, even if the other user has an own username and password to access the website. Users may not create a link to this website from another website or document, without prior written consent of Career Topper.

Career Topper does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free access to its online resources. The e-learning experience of the user will be solely dependent on the minimum system requirements and broadband connectivity speed to access our Online Resources such as the Virtual Classroom trainings and Live Crash Courses. We exclude our legal liability for any unintended inaccuracies, incompleteness or unsuitability of the content. If any inaccuracies, etc., are observed, please write to support@careertopper.com for clarification and correction, if necessary.


Fees displayed on the website for various packages are exclusive of applicable Goods and Service Tax, which shall be borne by the user.

Revision of Content:

Career Topper can revise, upgrade or modify its online study material viz. videos, summary books, formula database, practice tests, mock tests and crash course as it deems fit, without prior notice. This is done in order to remove irrelevant content from the website and upload the revised course curriculum. The material removed will not be available to students, upon request.

Discipline and Absenteeism:

Students are expected to maintain reasonable discipline and act with professionalism during virtual classroom sessions and crash courses. Career Topper reserves the right to logout a student from the training session, if in the tutor’s opinion, the student does not maintain reasonable discipline and professionalism during the training session. The decision of the tutor shall be final.

Virtual Classroom Sessions are scheduled as per mutual convenience between the user and the tutor of Career Topper. Crash Course Sessions timings are fixed, as per the exam dates and relevance. If a user is unable to attend a scheduled session, due to any personal reasons, Career Topper will not be responsible to re-schedule such sessions.


Career Topper shall not be liable for any loss to the user, directly or indirectly on account of decline of a transaction by the bank or online payment gateway, for reasons out of our control, such as maintenance of insufficient funds in bank account, charge-backs, credit card limit exceeding, etc.


Unauthorised use of www.careertopper.com or any information or resources shall be a criminal offence and or may give rise to a claim for damages.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold Career Topper, and its associates, subsidiaries, employees, directors, tutors and suppliers harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, and/or other liabilities which may arise due to violation of the terms and conditions.

Dispute Redressal:

The Agreement is governed by laws of Jurisdiction of Mumbai, India. In case the user is not satisfied with any product/services, or has any grievance, he/she shall first file a complaint in writing, giving details of the complaint and redressal expected to support@careertopper.com. The Support and Compliance Team of Career Topper shall convey its decision in writing, within a reasonable time. In the unlikely event of the dispute not being settled, the same shall be referred for Arbitration, under Indian Arbitration Law, subject to jurisdiction of Mumbai, India.


The Terms and Conditions is subject to change by Career Topper from time to time, as it may deem fit, without prior notice to the users. Users are encouraged to periodically review the Terms and Conditions on the website.