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Question: Indian Debt Funds would typically invest in Indian CLO tranches from which preferred jurisdiction?

Question: Which of the following is the most suitable performance attribution measure for PE Funds?

Question: Which right is given to an investor in the term sheet, which allows the investor to receive a certain multiple of his/her investment plus cumulative dividend?

Question: You are making a debt investment, in form of an unsecured loan in an SME. Which of the following will be LEAST considered:

Question: Which of the following is an example of a qualified Angel Investor, as per SEBI Regulations?


Question: A start-up at idea stage, looking for collaboration should preferably approach:

Question: According to you, which type of PE Funding was most commonly used in 2019 first half:

Question: Start-up India Plan has facilitated liquidation of a Start-up. Now Start-ups with simple debt structures can be wound-up in:

Question: At which stage of a start-up's life will the company raise Angel Funds?

Question: Default risk is the highest for which of the following start-ups?