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Question: Which of the following are not part of the Operational Due Diligence process followed by investors?

Question: Indian Debt Funds would typically invest in Indian CLO tranches from which preferred jurisdiction?

Question: For purpose of tax planning, investments in Category I and Category II Funds are generally made from the following off-shore locations:

Question: Which of the following cannot be called a subset of Private Equity?

Question: In a Master-feeder Structure of a Private Equity Fund, Offshore Funds get the following benefit:


Question: Start-up Advisors and mentors help in taking business decisions, in retun for:

Question: Discounted Cash Flow method of valuation uses:

Question: A tech-based start-up looking to hire a co-founder should PREFERABLY:

Question: Due Diligence process done by investors involve approving:

Question: Convertible Preference Shares bear a: