About Us


"Ordinary people think of spending time. Great people think of using it."

  • CareerTopper.com is an interactive platform for providing online education and support to professionals in finance stream, using state-of-art technology.
  • We provide Online Training for Professional Finance Courses such as CFA, CAIA, FRM, CCRA, among others.
  • We are one of the few in India to provide Live Online Training, with its own Discussion Forum to solve doubts.
  • Not just this, we also help our students find a job in the finance industry, once they complete their Professional Finance Course through our website.


Our objective is to:

  • Value the time of working professionals and students and help them create a niche for themselves in the global environment.
  • Value the time of working professionals and students and help them create a niche for themselves in the global environment.
  • Create a collaborative study environment for students, where they can study with friends and colleagues and judge their level of preparedness.
  • Create a user-friendly interface for the students to learn and grasp the topic effectively.
  • Help our students get their preferred job in the industry.

"For further information on our Techniques of E-Learning, please

Online Training : As per applicable packages

  • Virtual Training:
    • A professor takes the class in a Live Classroom environment, through the internet, at a pre-fixed time.
    • The students can Login to the Virtual Class from Anywhere, Office, Home, Library or a Coffee Shop.
    • In the Virtual Class, the professor explains the topic in detail, through Online Notes, and answers the queries of the students online.
    • The students can write their own notes on their personal pad, post their queries to the professor, as well as, chat with other students online.
    • There is an option of getting the recording of the Virtual Class for future reference and study, along with the notes entered by the student.
  • Online Library:
    • The study material for every course is available on the CareerTopper.com website, through recorded videos.
    • The videos are recorded in an audio-visual form, where the professor explains the video content with the help of markers and examples.
    • At the end of every video, there is a summary of the topic explained and a set of practice exams, to help the student grasp the topic quickly.
    • The student can refer these videos any time required, from Anywhere, Office, Home, Library or a Coffee Shop, till the exam date.
  • Discussion Forum for Doubt Solving:
    • CareerTopper.com is one of the few in India to have its own Discussion Forum for Doubt Solving.
    • Students can post their queries regarding any course and the query will be solved within 48 hours from the time it is posted.
    • Students can also get involved in solving queries/doubts of other students. This will provide them an understanding of the problems faced by other students and their preparedness for the exam.
  • Interactive Question Bank:
    • CareerTopper.com has a large database of Questions for every level of every course.
    • A student can design his/her own test, defining the Topics for the Test, Total No. of Questions, Total time for the exam, Pass Percentage, among others.
    • This allows the student to focus more on the weak topics.
    • Further, a student can add Notes to any Question, for future reference. These Notes are stored in a Database in the Student's account and can be accessed anytime.
  • Personalised Study Calendar:
    • Every student is given a Free Online Counselling Session before beginning to prepare for the exams.
    • During the Counselling Session, the student is provided with a Personalised Study Calendar.
    • The Study Calendar gives Topic-wise Timelines for the students. These timelines are made in accordance with the work hours, prior work experience and studies, required study hours and other personal commitments.
    • The student can track his study progress, based on the Personalised Study Calendar, on a real-time basis, once he signs into his account.
  • Mock Tests:
    • Mock Tests are designed to provide the exam-experience to students, with the required stress levels and the difficulty level of questions.
    • Mock Test are strictly timed and monitored, as per the actual exam schedule.
    • The student can Add Notes to any Question, for future reference. These notes are store in a Database in the Student's account and can be accessed anytime.
  • Performance Tracker:
    • The Performance Tracker shows the progress made by the student while learning, practising and revising every topic of the curriculum.
  • Online Crash Courses:
    • CareerTopper.com offers 3-day or 5-day online crash courses, depending on the course.
    • The Crash Course offers a revision of the entire curriculum through a pre-fixed Live Classroom, exam strategies and online mock exams.
  • Online Summary Books:
    • These books are provided for last-minute revision before the exams.
    • Students can Add Notes to the Summary Book, which gets added to the Notes Database.
  • Personal Notes Database:
    • CareerTopper.com enables students to Add Notes to every Question in the Mock Test and the Interactive Question Bank.
    • The student can access all the Notes added at the Notes Database, which is available in the student's account.
    • The student can Modify, Delete or Add Notes from the Notes Database.
  • Personalised Formulas Database:
    • Formulas, which are to be memorized, are stored in the Formulas Database of the student, depending on the Course.
    • The student can access the Formulas Database and read any formula.
    • Once the student has memorized a formula, the Formula can be marked as "Memorized". The student can filter on "Memorized" Formulas and check if any formula is left to be memorized.

Mentoring and Career Guidance

"I enjoy the work, I enjoy every minute of my professional life." – Jose Mourinho

Professional Life is Not Just About Work and Studies!!

Professionals often find it difficult to strike a balance between their work and leisure. This has become a major problem of the Corporate World, as many professionals are unable to enjoy their family life, after earning large sums of money.

CareerTopper.com has appointed specialists for providing Mentoring and Career Guidance to professionals in Finance Industry.

Objective: CareerTopper.com aims to:

  • Provide Counselling to students, in order to help them chose their right career path and their area of specialization.
  • Help professionals strike a balance between their work and leisure, and live a happy life.
  • Help employees achieve maximum job satisfaction and mentor them on the problems faced at work place.

Our Mentoring and Career Guidance is done at various stages in the Career of a Finance Professional:

Stream Selection: Freshers and graduates need professional guidance in choosing the most appropriate stream for their career. (For example, a B.Com graduate needs counselling on the best career choice for him, based on his aptitude and interests, that whether he/she should study Accounting or Management, etc.)

Choosing Area of Specialization: Once students complete higher studies, they need to choose their area of specialization and focus on that. We help them choose their area of specialization, based on their interest, aptitude, past work experience, industry outlook, etc.

Achieving Job Satisfaction: Often professionals are not satisfied with the Job Profile or the work environment at their job. This normally happens when they are not in the job of their choice. We help professionals to solve problems related to their work and help them achieve maximum job satisfaction, through alternate placement opportunities.

The Team!! It consists of a team of professors and mentors who have rich and varied experience in the field of Finance, Regulations, Investments and Investment Banking.

Archit Lohia - Founder & CEO

Archit has been an Achiever and multi-tasker throughout his academic and professional career, with a passion in financial markets and online start-ups.

At a young age of 23 years, Archit passed the examinations of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), and Bachelors of Law (LLB), all at first attempt.

Apart from his academic qualifications, Archit has varied experience in the Financial Services industry. He has worked with companies such as Ernst & Young and BSE Ltd. (Formerly Bombay Stock Exchange), in areas, inter-alia including, Regulations, Compliance, IPO Process, Information Management Systems, Investment Analysis, Audit and Finance.

Archit played a major role in the Cyber Crime Taskforce, formed by the International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO), which advises Financial Institutions and Exchanges across the globe on the emerging risks of cyber-crime.

Archit has recently been appointed as a Chapter Executive of the CAIA Association India Chapter, launched in December, 2015.

With the intention of sharing his success formula with young students and professionals, Archit has founded CareerTopper.com as his Start-up Venture, which provides Online training, Skill development courses and Mentoring and Professional Counselling to professionals in the Financial Services Industry.

He is also promoting another start-up venture, LearnGro.com, for training of students in IB and IGCSE Boards, with specific focus on financial studies.

Archit gives guest lectures in leading Financial Training Institutes like NISM, BSE Training Institute, Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India, and various other colleges.

He is also actively associated with various National and International Organizations such as Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP), CFA Institute (USA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) and We Change (a Group founded by ex-President, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam).

As a part of development of his family business, Archit has also taken up projects in the fields of Textiles and Online Lifestyle Portals.

Besides his academic and professional achievements, Archit has earned many laurels in his favourite hobby, Cricket. He also spares time for his other interests like travelling and music.