Certified Credit Risk Analyst (CCRA™) Program - Level 2 Exam

The CCRA™ Program provides in-depth knowledge of financial analysis, credit analysis, rating methodologies, credit strategy and structuring which helps a candidate to gain key positions in the finance, private banking, credit ratings and fixed income domain. The Level 2 exam topics are as under:

  1. Credit Rating – Internal and External
  2. Credit Strategy and Portfolio Management
  3. Credit Monitoring, NPA Management, Enhancement and Securitization
  4. Credit Risk Models and Regulations
  5. Understanding and analysis of Corporate Banking Facilities and other financing forms

CCRA™ Level 2 Exam Format

  1. There are total 85 multiple-choice questions on the Level 2 exam. 50 questions are for 1 mark each and 35 questions are for 2 marks each, which are in the form of 7 case studies with 5 questions each.
  2. The Level 2 exam is for 3 houRs. Maximum Score is 120.
  3. The Passing Score for Level 2 is 60%, with no negative marking.
  4. Level 2 exams are held online on the NSE platform, on a daily basis.
  5. Candidates have to register on the NSE website and obtain the NCFM code to register with AIWMI, post which exam access for the candidate is activated.

CCRA™ Level 2 Exam Fees

Registration Fees - NIL

Examination Fees - Rs. 2565/-